It is not a question of what I do - but who I am...I am a visual Entertainer, Scientist, Inventor, Interpreter, and Psychologist... All wrapped up as an ARTIST. 
I am always asked: How long have you been painting?"  This question really makes me think very hard, frankly, I don't remember any time in my life when I was not painting.  As a young child in Germany, living without parents, art was my constant companion, therapy, pastime, and focus and joy in my life. 
Coming to the United States in 1957, the doors opened to me with many opportunities in the art world. Studies of Art through several Universities, and with many of the worlds' top artists, plus the never ending support and help of my husband, have helped me to accomplish my goal to be the artist I dreamed of being.
Through my very sensitive nature I am always aware of my surroundings; my need to depict the beauty around me is ever present. My camera, note book, and sketch book, are always at my side. The glorious autumn colors of this year had a deep effect on me - I could not help but put it on paper for eternity.  I also enjoy painting my neighbors flowers (I am not a gardener), I love their glorious colors and shapes. Another standard question from my customers: "Is Flower your real name?" All I need to say is: "Yes, I married one!"
My ultimate satisfaction comes from continually inventing, stretching and improving myself. My search for new ideas, new methods, new techniques is a never ending quest as a successful artist. 
                   --Helga Flower, ISEA             

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